2018 Sponsorship Opportunity

We invite you to sponsor the 2018 Get to Know Contest.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to sponsor a Gallery in the 2018 Get to Know Contest. This Gallery will enable you to provide youth in your community with an exciting and unique incentive to explore the outdoors and creatively connect with nature in their community.

Experience nature with all your senses: the Get to Know Contest.

The Get to Contest, which runs annually from May 1st until November 1st, invites youth ages 19 and under to explore the outdoors, connect with nature and share their experiences creatively through art, photography, video, music or writing. This work is then featured in an online gallery where youth can view, share and comment on each other’s entries, creating a viral art sensation about their passion for the environment. Using the power of art, Get to Know takes the educational experience one step further; allowing each child to build a more personal connection to nature that can in turn inspire a lifelong interest and appreciation for the environment. A Community Focused Program. Your interactive, online gallery will encourage kids to find creative inspiration from their local green spaces, parks, nature centers, conservation areas, and even the nature in their own backyards. The result will be a collection of vibrant artwork showcasing natural landscapes and wildlife, which you can use to create calendars, gallery exhibits or art installations.

Through the Get to Know Program you will be able to encourage healthy lifestyles and environmental stewardship in your community through these proven initiatives:

● Get to Know Hike for Health - An easy and effective way to get young people in your community outdoors and connecting with nature.
● Get to Know International Unconference - Encourages youth to learn about the importance of environmental stewardship and share innovative environmental ideas with like-minded youth up to 25 years old.
● Get to Know BioBlitz - An excellent resource for youth to learn more about local wildlife in their community through a “scavenger hunt” style activity.

Gallery Partnership

Gallery Sponsorship - $5,000 Sponsorship
For a cost of $5,000, your organization can sponsor an online Gallery in 2018. In return for your support, we are pleased to provide you with the following benefits:
● All programming and graphics designed for your personally branded online gallery hosted at www.get-to-know.org
● Placement of your logo and messaging on your gallery with a link to your organization’s website
● A fun and educational way to engage with youth and their families in your community
● An evidence-based STEAM approach to engage youth with nature
● A web platform to store, sort and showcase multimedia content created by local youth, as well as analytics on participation and contestant feedback
● Social media support to encourage youth to enter the Get to Know Contest
● Access to our educational e-resources with activity guides to help youth create contest ready art submissions
● The opportunity to have us design a custom calendar featuring artwork from your Gallery

Successfully Engaging Youth with Nature

Art is a fun and effective way to engage youth with nature. Dr. Patricia Winter, research scientist for the U.S Forest Service, demonstrated that the Get to Know Program effectively engages youth with nature through the visual arts. In her research, published in the Environmental Education Research Journal, she states that “Participation in the Get to Know Creative Arts Contest was associated with increased implicit connectedness with nature.”

We invite you to join us next year and get youth in your community engaging with nature through the power of art. In order to ensure the success of your gallery we recommend the following:

● Encourage community partners and local schools to help promote your Gallery and get kids participating
● Select winner(s) from your Gallery at the close of the contest in November, 2018
● Recognize your selected winner(s) (as many as you wish to select) at a congratulatory event or meeting sometime between November to January
● Provide prizes to the selected winner(s) -prizes can be as small or big as you wish (i.e.: promotion on your social media channels and website, packages of art materials, displaying the winners art in an art show or in a public space, or even monetary prizes)
● Promote your Gallery on your organization’s website, blog, social media, etc.

We look forward to working with you to help inspire youth to get outdoors and connect with nature through the power of the creative arts.

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