About the Get to Know Program

The Get to Know Society has been inspiring connections between children and nature in the outdoors for over a decade.

The Get to Know Society’s mandate is to promote environmental education in order to raise a generation of citizens who are inherently aware of their impact on the environment and how their positive interaction with their local wildlife can help preserve our natural wonders for generations to come.

Through the Get to Know Program, the Society helps ensure that young people are provided opportunities to spend more time outdoors. This is particularly important in this day and age, as children continue to abandon outdoor experiences for those they can participate in from within the home. This detachment from nature, and resulting sedentary lifestyle, can have a negative effect on the development of children.

The motto of the Get to Know Program is "Connect. Create. Celebrate." These words articulate our mission to foster connections to nature through the creative arts – and to celebrate the fantastic work being done by youth in response to the environment and the need to understand and value nature.

Board of Directors:

  • John Scott Adams, Treasurer
  • Gordon Court, Director
  • Kevin Strange, Director
  • Jeff Hutchings, Director
  • Jack DeGruchy, Director