About the Get to Know Program

Natures Wild Neighbours Society is a registered Charity started by Robert Bateman (naturalist and painter) in 1999. Mr. Bateman's vision was for “all children to play, learn and grow with nature in their everyday lives”. Natures Wild Neighbours has several programs under its banner: Boots in the Bush, Wild Festival for Youth, and our landmark program, Robert Bateman’s Get to Know (your wild neighbours) Contest and Exposition.

Participation is fun, easy and free!

The Get to Know project provides an innovative way for students to connect with nature, develop an understanding, appreciation, and respect for biodiversity, and share their experience through artistic interpretation in an online Gallery. Our annual Get to Know Contest & Exposition begins May 01 and ends November 01 each year.

The Get to Know Contest/Exposition specifically targets School Districts and Youth organizations across Canada and the United States. The results are a creative collaboration of youth artwork unique to each of their personal environments and experiences, as well as a platform to express their concerns for the environment, and possible ideas and solutions to make our earth healthier.

The Get to Know program keenly fits many aspects of School Curriculums:

Environmental Learning, Place Based Learning, Indigenous way of Knowing, Personal

Awareness and Responsibility, and Social Responsibility are just a few.

Wild Festival for Youth

The Wild Festival for Youth is one of Canada’s leading environmental festivals, and is the only festival of its kind that is specific to the involvement of youth. The activities offered at the festival are designed to increase youth awareness, knowledge, and understanding of biodiversity in the hundreds of youth who participate. The theme is presented in a fun and interactive manner, focusing on how today’s youth can act as leaders for a more sustainable future.

2019 Activities at this all-day event include birdhouse building and painting, Endangered Animals presentation, Bats and Bees presentation, Learn to fish, Invasive zebra mussel identification, “Walking Nature’s Way” hike, and a student painted art Banner project (Bees and Bats).

Boots in the Bush – as Mr. Bateman refers to it, is a simple walk outdoors to ground yourself with nature. We have amalgamated this annual walk with our local MLA, Norm Letnick’s Spring Climb for Health and Peace. “Boots in the Bush” April/2019.

Have a Bio Blitz!!

Get out doors and discover nature in your own community!! Connect with birds, trees, insects, animals, flowers, trees, clouds, and/or water, anything in your environment that gets your artistic ideas flowing. Everything you need to know about having a Bio Blitz is on our website http://www.get-to-know.org/bioblitz/ Its packed full of how-to information, Leaders Guides, and Promotional Material! Need some ideas and inspiration? Check out our “Educational Resources” http://www.get-to-know.org/education/

Please note: Our new website is under construction and will include the Exposition, Discussion Board, and Ideas Board, among other interactive additions and updates.
Our new website will be launched for our 20th Annual Celebration Season, February 2019.

Wild Neighbours Society Board of Directors

Darlene Brûlé, President

Glenn Hendrickson, Treasurer

Sam Sansalone, Director

Colin Starkevich, Director

Tanveer Gill, Director

Society Staff 

Darlene Brûlé, Executive Director

Oliver Eberle, Program Manager

Chad MacTavish, Ambassador

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