Former Get to Know Contestant Becomes Outdoor Education Teacher News

At a young age, the Get to Know Program inspires youth to pursue their passion for the outdoors and to learn the names of their wild neighbours through the creative arts. For contestant, Kathleen Murray, the Contest went beyond that and now has helped her find a meaningful career which she is also passionate about.

Since participating with the Get to Know program in 2009 and then again in 2011, Kathleen Murray is now on her way to becoming an outdoor education teacher in Ontario. "I think the program definitely influenced my career choice" says Murray. She continues by highlighting that "The trips I went on with the Get to Know Contest created some spectacular memories. Getting the opportunity to visit Jasper and Vancouver Island with Parks Canada truly inspired me to explore more of Canada."

Murray acknowledged that the program made her realize that she was not alone in her love for nature. The program helped her connect with other across Canada who shared this passion for nature, wildlife and the outdoors. She recalls one of her greatest experiences was meeting Robert Bateman, founder of the Get to Know Program and how it was him who inspired her to paint wildlife and to pursue her career in education.

To learn more about Murray's artistic endeavours you can visit her website.

Kathleen's Get to Know Contest Entry


2015 Kokanee Salmon Festival News

Get to Know hosted a booth at the Kokanee Salmon Festival this past weekend in Kelowna at Mission Creek Regional Park. Youth had the opportunity to create nature inspired art at our booth with art supplies that were provide by Intraline, our event sponsor! Intraline also generously donated prizes which youth had an opportunity to win at the event.
Check out some of these creative, nature-inspired entries that were created at the event!


2015 Inspiring Video Entries News

The Get to Know Contest encourages youth across North America to Get outside and connect with nature through the power of the visual arts. Youth have the opportunity to chose their own medium with which they wish to connect with nature. This year, we have received a variety of wonderful video entries that we thought you might like to see.

Don't Feed Me!

Don't Feed Me!

Call to Nature

Call to Nature

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Getting to know nature: evaluating the effects of the Get to Know Program on children’s connectedness with nature News


People in industrialized countries may be losing their connection with nature. The Get to Know Program (Get to Know) is a multi-faceted program aimed at encouraging direct connection with nature through a variety of activities (observations of wildlife, hiking, creative arts, and special events), specifically among youth. Three studies assessed the effects of three Get to Know program activities on youth’s implicit connectedness with nature (measured using a computer based game). Participants were youth recruited from southern California schools or youth organizations. Participation in the Get to Know Program’s Creative Arts Contest was associated with increased implicit connectedness with nature. However, participation in the Get to Know Natural Treasure Adventure and Virtual Hike did not have an effect on connectedness with nature. Implications of these findings are important for agencies seeking to find effective tools for outreach focused on connecting participants with nature.

To read the full article click here


Natural Sculpture Art Event News

Natural Sculpture Art Event

Thank you to everyone who made it out for the Natural Sculpture Art Event at Kaloya Regional Park this past weekend. Youth participated in a variety of nature activities including a hike around Kaloya Park, building natural sculptures and playing nature themed games to get youth active!

The Rotary Connection News

A Word about the Get to Know - Rotary Connection

The Get to Know Program works throughout Canada and the United States to connect youth to nature through the power of the creative arts. This goal is achieved through Get to Know’s collaboration with partners across North America who host community events that encourage kids to get outdoors and sponsor online art galleries that feature nature-inspired artwork from youth in their communities. One of Get to Know’s significant partners throughout the years have been Rotary Clubs across North America.

Rotary is an international foundation that establishes local Rotary clubs all around the world which are comprised of people who are passionate about making positive change in their communities. Since 2011, the Get to Know Program has had a growing relationship with Rotary Clubs throughout Canada and the United States to accomplish our shared goals of getting kids active and creating leaders who will speak out about important environmental causes in their communities. Rotary currently helps to sponsor four of Get to Know’s online galleries and has played a large part in sponsoring youth to attend the annual International Unconference - a youth-led summit that features creative artworks that make a powerful statement about the environment. The collaboration between Get to Know and Rotary has helped to create connections between youth and nature and has enabled the development of young leaders who are passionate about the environment.

This is a statement from a past Rotaract President and Get to Know Unconference participant:

"I am a newly graduated nurse, with a passion for social justice issues. From signing up to join the Rotaract Club in my first year of university, and not knowing a lot about Rotary at that point, I had the chance to attend the 2011 Get to Know International Unconference in beautiful Jasper BC, because of a Rotarian who sponsored a few of us girls from Kelowna to go. Meeting environmental leaders and other youth who are passionate about the world, made me realize how bad of a shape our earth is, but also how many people are interested to save it!
This I would say was the actual start to my involvement with Rotary. I progressed to Secretary in my first few months in Rotaract, and Get To Know became a huge part of my life as well. I was able to speak, and teach, about the environment, and what Rotary's involvement around the world was/is. Through the next few years, I had the chance to go to the Unconference in Calgary, be President of the Rotaract Club, do SO much good with Rotary(fundraisers, speeches, travel, etc...) and help to make Rotary a major sponsor of GTK. I think this partnership is essential because the environment is a hot topic around the world, and Rotary has the resources and connections to bring the information around the world. Without Get to Know, I would not have been as passionate to become so involved in Rotary, and I know the same is true for many of my peers who I met the Unconferences! "

- Tanveer Gill, Age 23, Kelowna BC.

To learn more about the work that Rotarians are doing and to find a club near you – check out their website here .

If you are a current Rotary member who would like to know more about how you sponsor a youth to attend this year’s unconference contact: Jaime Nowell:


Over 30 Youth Attend Hike for Health News

Over 30 youth and their families attended the 2015 Hike for Health this past weekend. Participants enjoyed an afternoon of exploring Kelowna’s trails at Mill Creek Regional Park and learning about local plant and animal species. Families completed a 3km long hike and saw three beautiful waterfalls along the way! Kids played a game of nature bingo during the walk and took nature-inspired photos to enter to the Get to Know Contest.

Special thanks to Intraline for sponsoring the event. We would also like to thank the Kelowna Daily Courier for covering the event. To learn more about how the Hike for Health encouraged youth to get active and connect with nature click here.