Art in the Park Guide Best Practices

The Art in the Park Guide is a toolkit for educators and program leaders to use. We've created 27 art-based activities designed to engage youth with nature, both directly - through outdoor activities, and indirectly - through activities which can be carried out anywhere that get youth thinking about their connection to the environment. And we've wrapped the activities all up in one pretty little package that has everything you need!

The Art in the Park Guide makes it simple and quick to use the activities independently at events, or for your organization to host its very own Get to Know "Art in the Park" day! You know about the Get to Know Bio Blitzes and now we are introducing another great event that can be hosted in any park, greenspace, or even adapted to do indoors!

We’ve got a ton of fun packed in this booklet - Blind Contour Drawing, Log Poems, a Nature Photography Scavenger Hunt, Claymation, Sound Journals and filming your very own ‘Get to Know’ moment. Or design your own “All Arts Trail”, an interactive path of art activities, using the Art in the Park Guide to customize your trail to your outdoor space.

The activities in the guide are categorized under the same categories as our contest theme - Art, Writing, Photography, Video, and Music. Many of the activities are designed to create works that are eligible for submission to the Get to Know contest. The activities are easy to adapt to different ages and different locations.

And when we say this guide has everything you need, we really mean everything - we've even included a photo release form, which provides an easy template to gain permission to capture your youth participants and your event. Did we mention we would be thrilled to post and promote on our social media and website?  Remember to let us know if you'll be hosting an Art in the Park event, and we'll add it online to our Events page.

So get outside and connect, create and celebrate!

Get your copy of the Art in the Park Guide today! 

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