Prizes: 3 Things you should 'get to know' News

Through the support of our generous sponsors, Get to Know is looking forward to providing its 2015 Get to Know Contest winners with an ample amount of prizes this year! Here are 3 quick things you might not know about the Contest and the prizes we give away!

Long and McQuade.png

1. You can win multiple prizes

If you have entered in multiple categories (i.e Art and Photography) you are eligible to receive prizes in both the Art and Photography categories. You can enter in as many different categories as you like. The 2015 Get to Know Contest has 5 categories including: Art, Photography, Writing, Music and Videography to make sure you can connect with nature through as many different visual arts as possible!

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2. Prizes range from art supplies to guided canoe trips

This year we have a variety of different sponsors such as Binders Art Supplies who have contributed a variety of different supplies. We also have sponsors like Bushnell and Vortex Canada who have contributed Binoculars which are great for birding and outdoor adventures. The Canadian Canoe Foundation will also be sending two lucky winners on a guided Canoe trip.

3. The more Entries you enter the better your chance of winning!

It is no secret that the more times you enter a lottery the better chance you have to win prizes. This applies with the Get to Know Contest as well! We encourage you to enter multiple times to increase your likelihood of winning!

To see our full list of prizes visit our prizes tab here