Saving Species with a Paintbrush News

2015 Get to Know Contest Winner uses art as a medium to raise awareness about endangered species!

Bria Neff.jpg

Fuzzy Brothers by Bria Neff

Philanthropy Through a Paintbursh

Each year the Get to Know Contest receives thousands of breathtaking, nature-inspired, entries from youth across North America. Get to Know Contestant, Bria Neff (Age 8), has been selected as a winner of the Get to Know Contest. As a winner ofthe 2015 Get to Know Contest, Bria will receive a prize and certificate for her stunning artwork! After reaching out to her to learn more about her background, we discovered that Bria is positively impacting the environment through her artwork. In fact, Bria is determined to use her artwork to make a positive change - by saving endangered species. After creating her nature-inspired entries, she sells the artwork and donates the funds to help save endangere species around the world.

To view her artwork and learn more about how you can donate, you can visit her website or check out her Facebook page.