Former Get to Know Contestant Becomes Outdoor Education Teacher News

At a young age, the Get to Know Program inspires youth to pursue their passion for the outdoors and to learn the names of their wild neighbours through the creative arts. For contestant, Kathleen Murray, the Contest went beyond that and now has helped her find a meaningful career which she is also passionate about.

Since participating with the Get to Know program in 2009 and then again in 2011, Kathleen Murray is now on her way to becoming an outdoor education teacher in Ontario. "I think the program definitely influenced my career choice" says Murray. She continues by highlighting that "The trips I went on with the Get to Know Contest created some spectacular memories. Getting the opportunity to visit Jasper and Vancouver Island with Parks Canada truly inspired me to explore more of Canada."

Murray acknowledged that the program made her realize that she was not alone in her love for nature. The program helped her connect with other across Canada who shared this passion for nature, wildlife and the outdoors. She recalls one of her greatest experiences was meeting Robert Bateman, founder of the Get to Know Program and how it was him who inspired her to paint wildlife and to pursue her career in education.

To learn more about Murray's artistic endeavours you can visit her website.

Kathleen's Get to Know Contest Entry