2015 International Unconference Unconference Blog

Attendees at the 2015 International Unconference did not have words to describe the talent which was showcased by the youth artists through their Statement Art Presentations. Mary Clark, Co-founder of the Get to Know Program, described the Youth Statement Art Presentations as one of the most "Inspirational days of her life".

The Unconference provides youth with a platform to voice their concerns about various environmental issues through mediums of their choice. Participants highlighted various issues including shark finning, Orangutan conservation, water security and more. The artists used their own unique way to showcase the issue they were passionate about. Presentations included mediums such as spoken word, interpretive dance, poetry and many more.

The 5th annual Get to Know International Unconference was generously sponsored by Dow Canada, Shaw, Rotary District 5360 and Vancouver Rotary Club. Without the support of these sponsors, the International Unconference would not have been possible.

Shaw TV Video Segment

2015 International Unconference Photos