2015 International Unconference Winners

Take a look at the 2015 Get to Know International Unconference winners!

Mya Kough

Mya was inspired by the recent oil spill in Santa Barbara county in 2015 that affected over 35 miles of beach and ocean as more than 100.000 gallons of crude leaked onto the Stant Barbara Coast.

Adhora Mir

Adhora is 18 years-old from Burlington, Ontario. Her acrylic paintings depciting various cultures and their plight for safe, accessible water earned her the award for winning piece as part of the Older Age Category (ages 18-25) at the 2015 Unconference. Her originals were also donated to Get to Know as part of the silent auction which took place at the Celebration Banquet following the youth statement art presentations.

Frances Ramsay & Raaj Chatterjee

Resilience is spoken word performance with live music performed by Frances Ramsay and Raaj Chatterjee. The poem explores what’s wrong in our current system, and how we can all contribute to change it. Together, the poem and music tell stories of the pains of our human and natural worlds, and the power of staying resilient through activism.