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Call for Proposals

Youth Statement Art Presentation

This will be your moment to take the stage and present a unique piece of environmental statement art and present your innovative environmental idea. Whether you sculpt, paint large-scale murals, sing and strum, dance, write, or produce animated shorts, this is a stage for art in all its forms. We invite you to seize this unique opportunity to grab the attention of a high-profile audience of influential leaders, industry professionals and established artists across Canada and the United States. There will be two age categories for the statement art presentations: 12 -17 and 18-25. At the Unconference, presentations will be reviewed by a panel of judges including artists and leaders in the environmental fields. Three (3) winning presentations (one from each age category and one People’s Choice Nomination) will be selected and awarded with media exposure and cash prizes.

2016 World Cafe

This year, all youth participants at the 2016 Unconference will have the opportunity to pitch an innovative environmental idea to corporations and organizations through the World Cafe in an effort to receive funding so that they can turn their ideas into reality and make positive changes in their community. Corporations and industry leaders will be providing funding opportunities up to a maximum of $5,000 and it is up toYOU to make your idea as captivating as possible so that it captures the attention of potential funders. Presenters should clearly demonstrate how they plan on working on and implementing their idea and making real change in their community.

Accepting submissions until midnight PST June 1st, 2016

Environmental challenges today are as vast as the planet itself, but the most encouraging actions come in small steps – they start with you. Your unique ideas, creative passions, personal reflections and cherished experiences in the outdoors can become tools to create awareness and help solve challenges facing the natural world that is our home.

If you have a passion for nature, a creative idea to solve an environmental issue or a message about the environment you wish to share through the creative arts, we invite you to submit an application to present at the 2016 Get to Know International Unconference.


Proposals are invited from candidates ages 12 to 25. Both individual and collaborative group submissions are welcome. Please ensure your proposal addresses the following:

  • Make a statement: Your chosen art medium must convey an environmental message or concept, pose a solution to an environmental issue or portray an experience you have had in nature.
  • Be creative: Explain how you will use a creative medium to express the message of your choice. If you are presenting an idea about how to solve an environmental issue, be sure to use diagrams, graphs and other visual aids to convey your idea. Visuals are helpful.
  • Create an Impact: Highlight how funding would allow you to be able to develop and implement your environmental idea in your community after the Unconference.
  • Present your work: Ensure your presentation can be delivered effectively in a 10-15 minute time frame.

  • Other important guidelines to consider:

    Proposal maximum word count is 1,000 for World Cafe applications and 2,000 for statement art applications (not including the visuals or references).

    Your proposal should indicate what your plans are for the future of your project - i.e.: after the Unconference, how will you continue to develop your work/idea and what impact will it have?

    In addition to your proposal, please also include visual examples of your work and indicate the progress so far on the proposed project.

    Lastly, please include at least one (1) reference letter. This letter can be from a teacher/professor, employer, youth program leader, etc.

    Have Questions?

    Please contact info@gettoknow.ca.